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with CARMEN D. LYTE Farbe Magazine Contributor Writer

Is it Faith AND Fashion or Faith IN Fashion or both? Can both compliment one another?

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Discussions over “how we should dress” within the Christian church has been debated for centuries. In the Black church community and culture; clothing, fashion, and style have historically been acts of resistance, freedom, and turned into businesses. Our “robe” has also signaled and signified who we are and how we “made it over.” So why is it that WE still need to ask the controversial question “how should we dress for worship?”

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination". - Tommy Lasorda

Who is Damien Villanova?

Damien Vnova (CEO and Creative Director of Damien Lee) was recently featured in Farbe Magazine’s March 2021 Edition as a top designer and producer of luxury exotic purses and handbags. He’s a Veteran (USMC RET), Minority Business Owner, and a man of “the cloth.” His fashion sense and ministry goes hand in hand as he constantly seeks creative inspiration from God on a professional, personal, and fashionable level.

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Damien joins Apostle Dr. Danny T. Flanagan, Jr. on tonight’s “Big Facts” with Dr. Flanagan at 7pm EST. Tonight’s topic: Faith and Fashion. Are there any Do's and Don'ts faith fashionistas? What’s your perspective? Have some Christians sacrificed their culture for salvation? Can the two co-exist in harmony with balance? Call in with your questions or comments at 855-493-6499 OR download the Mixxstation App and listen LIVE or watch LIVE on FB, Twitter, IG, and YouTube.

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