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Namesake was birthed out of a need to reach several underserved consumers in real estate:

Those who have a NEED to sell their property, whether that is due to financial hardship, loss of a loved one, etc., Those who desire to buy a house but lack the credit score to secure a traditional bank loan, and those who desire to rent safe, high-quality, affordable housing. What started out as one company quickly expanded to three companies, Namesake properties, and Canaan Realty & Financing.

My motivation stems from my own personal experiences. I grew up on the southside of Chicago where living conditions were not always the best and the neighborhoods were less than desirable. The house we stayed in had a rodent problem, which caused my mother to get a cat (against our “no pets” lease). When I got older my mother was blessed to be able to purchase her own home. A year after I had graduated from high school my mother passed away due to cancer. She left behind my 13-year-old brother, my 28-year-old sister, myself, and a mortgaged house. Because neither one of us was experienced in this situation (and deeply grieved) we ended up abandoning the house, letting it go into foreclosure. When I got married, I moved out of the city to accompany my husband on military orders. It was then that I saw a different side of real estate. I was able to see better housing conditions and people get their real estate problems resolved. It was this that changed my perception of what “normal” had been. This is what sparked the creation of Namesake Real Estate, LLC.

Namesake Real Estate helps improve the quality of life for our customers by providing fiduciary relief to families who may not be able to further satisfy mortgage payment(s) or maintain the upkeep of a property. We improve the community by purchasing dilapidated property(ies) and rehabbing their physical conditions; thus, vastly enhancing community aesthetics and raising property value. Additionally, we liaise between our customers and local governmental agencies to address needs within specific populaces.

Photography (Family Photo) Amanda Joacobs Photography

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