What started off as a collaboration on February 14th (Valentine's Day 2021) to kick off New York Fashion Week between two-Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouses of the Year has transitioned into a repeat event for 2022! With sponsorship provided by Armed Forces Insurance (AFI) and First Command Financial Services, veteran designers, military spouse designers, creators, models, and fashion enthused people with a military affiliation have a chance to be a part of GY6 Show for 2022! The GY6 Show is a virtual fashion case highlighting veteran, military spouses, and independent designers.

Executive Producers of the GY6 Show, Bree Carroll and Latoya Scott, have collaborated again during FTM Fashion Week NC S9 last showcase of the evening to be filmed for LIVE streaming during NYFW in February 2022! FTM Fashion Week NC S9 designers Michelle Collins-Windle of MCW Original and Damien Lee Villanova of Damienlee™ have been invited back for the upcoming 2022 GY6 Show! GY6 Show Executive Producer, Bree Carroll, represented both GY6 alum veteran owned exotic leather handbag designer, Damien Lee of Damien Lee™️ and military spouse designer, Michelle Collins-Windle of MCW Original during her recent 36-hour Big Apple VIP red-carpet appearance on September 12th at the Nolcha Shows during NYFW 2021 courtesy of the Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs. Nolcha Shows is New York’s leading showcase for independent fashion designers. (

Bree sported on her arm all evening Damien Lee’s leather print Black Cali bag ( from his “Cali Collection,” a new line of eco and vegan-friendly fashion-forward luxury handbags sourced from Italy and Michelle’s custom-made neoprene long sleeve peplum waisted black, neon green, black and white strip coat. ( Bree traveled on to Louisiana to attend LA Fashion Prize for the Fashion Prize Design Competition wearing the second MCW Original custom-made outfit. In true Michelle signature style, Bree wore a bright pink and purple flowery mid length form fitting knee length dress with flowing short sleeves with a matching fashion mask.

The two marketing geniuses behind GY6’s first successful virtual runway fashion show which was held at our local Jacksonville-Onslow Council for the Arts this past Valentine’s Day is Bree and Latoya. Individually, each are power houses in their own communities. Jointly these military spouse entrepreneurs and full-time mothers’ tenacity are a force stronger than a category 5 Hurricane. Bree and Latoya have a lot in common. Both are military wives, each a mother of three children, life coaches, minority entrepreneurs, business owners, philanthropists, authors, and both share the distinguished honor of being voted as Military Spouse of the Year at their current duty stations through Armed Forces Insurance. Bree is AFI's Air Force Spouse of the Year for 2020-2021 and Latoya is AFI's Camp Lejeune Military Spouse of the Year for 2020-2021. The Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year®️ award recognizes military spouses’ important contributions and unwavering commitment to their community.

•FTM Fashion Week NC S9 virtual tickets available at:

•Read the full article on GY6 Show on Farbe Magazine Online:

•SEEKING MALE & FEMALE MODELS for the 2nd Annual GY6 Virtual Runway Fashion Show for 2022! GY6 means "I Got Your Back!" The GY6 Show is comprised of majority military affiliated individuals from staff, volunteers, designers, models, photographers, and videographers.

•To watch the 1st Annual GY6 Virtual Show link:

•If interested in modeling, please use this link:


GY6 Show strives to have an entire production team affiliated with the military (Veterans, dependents, immediate, & extended family). This sets us apart. Please take this in consideration when applying. Shoot locations are Louisiana, North Carolina, & Japan.

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