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with Carmen D. Lyte Farbe Magazine’s Blogger of the Year 2020

Farbe Magazine's September Edition is in the oven as we speak! I have been in the kitchen cooking up some delicious segments for you! I titled this segment APPETIZER because I am giving you some bite size samples of what's being prepared for your taste buds. Like Craig Mack says...let me put some Flava In Ya Ear!

Bon appétit! There's a new restaurant and bar in Jacksonville that has been generating heat prior to its grand opening on July 24th! Veteran Marines Tellers J. Pollard, III and Andre Truss are business partners who has combined their community service interests, military experiences, and business savviness to form another local business. In January 2019, the partners opened Tellers Truss Realty and this past July opened Flavor Hills Restaurant & Bar known as The Hills where the motto is: EAT. LAUGH. DRINK. Tellers & Truss believes the recipe for success includes ingredients such as supporting and reinvesting back into the local economy and community and incorporating other Veteran, Minority, and Locally owned businesses into Flavor Hills.

This "highlight" focuses on two Flavor Hills Restaurant & Bar signature and specialty drinks.

Flavor Hills is the ONLY restaurant & bar in Jacksonville, NC that offers beer on tap from Tobacco Woods Brewing Company: The First and Only Female Veteran Owned and Operated Brewery in Oxford, North Carolina. You can experience three flavors of this award-winning craft beer under Flavor Hills's beer and wine menu: Rocket Surgery-Juniper Kolsch, False Motivation, and Kilted Eddie-Coffee Stout.

What is a better way to honor Onslow County then to name a delicious signature cocktail after it? The ONSLOW OLD FASHIONED is made with E.M. Walton’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey which is distilled right here in Onslow County at Walton's Distillery. There are several signature and specialty cocktail drinks that features different whiskeys from the distillery: a winner of the 2020 Las Vegas Global Spirit Awards.

This was just an appetizer! The plate is piled high with more of Flavor Hills dedication to bringing visually appealing and exquisite dishes infused with southern hospitality with a Washington, D.C. flare.

To learn more about Flavor Hills and to see their delicious plated pictures visit their Facebook page: Flavor Hills

Please visit: to place your online orders off their family friendly menu.

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